How to Use Social Media Marketing to Increase Brand Awareness and Boost Conversions For Small Businesses

Social media is the use of various social media sites and platforms to advertise a product or service. While the terms digital advertising and e-advertising are often interchangeable with academic jargon, social media marketing has steadily become more prominent for researchers and practitioners alike. However, the definition of the term can be highly ambiguous given its various shades and implications. For instance, how should one define the difference between marketing and advertising? What exactly constitutes social media marketing?

social media marketing

These are only some of the questions that arise when one considers how to engage in social media marketing. Most experts agree that one needs to have a solid understanding of the medium in order to be able to effectively create content that can resonate with readers and clients. Without this foundational knowledge, it would be difficult to build a strategy that would yield real results. Additionally, this type of marketing requires one to know how to tap into the largest possible audience. Knowing how to reach out to these individuals requires great social content.

With so many marketers rely on social media marketing as a means of promoting their products or services, it is no wonder that there are limited resources available for those who wish to engage in this endeavor. In many cases, business owners turn to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies instead of hiring a professional. While SEO can bring success, it is also a risky move to make since the majority of websites that are ranked high in the major search engines are developed by highly paid marketers. Therefore, those who lack resources available to them to turn instead to SEO to help broaden their reach.

Hubspot is an ideal platform for anyone seeking a great way to engage in social media marketing. This professional SEO company has created a hubspot page where marketers can register their domain names, as well as link their website to a blog or Facebook page. Individuals can also add videos, images and content to their profiles which, when linked to their websites, will help them gain more exposure. Hubspot makes it easy for people to find links to other related sites and even integrate the images into their blogs or websites.

Twitter is another powerful way to use social media marketing to gain exposure. Millions of individuals and businesses use Twitter every day, and understanding how this platform can benefit you is paramount. By offering quality and insightful information related to your industry, you can help attract a targeted audience to your website. Engaging with others on Twitter can help you establish relationships which could lead to further opportunities.

A great social media marketing strategy should include optimizing your profile, adding links to relevant articles, videos and blogs and using Twitter hashtags to distribute your content. The goal is to interact with your audience while staying engaged. Using hashtags is an excellent way to ensure that your followers and those who follow you on Twitter find new ways to engage with your posts and keep your brand fresh in their minds. Branding yourself as a marketer that offers quality information via quality content is an essential part of any online marketing strategy.

A powerful social media marketing strategy must include a social media content calendar. Content calendars are extremely powerful because they provide a daily dose of interesting social media content to the marketer. A content calendar helps you gain valuable backlinks, generate leads, improve your search engine rankings and expand your customer base. It’s important to add posts on a daily basis which reinforce your brand and help build relationships with your audience. When using a content calendar, be sure to update the content as often as possible because younger readers often miss a new post if they don’t check their inbox every day. This type of strategy is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and boost conversions.

Every small business should start by establishing themselves online and a social media marketing plan that works for them will help them accomplish this goal. Social media advertising is essential to attracting new customers and to increasing return customer loyalty. There are many ways to get started with social media advertising but when used correctly it can have a tremendous impact on your brand and overall profits. By using social media marketing as part of a comprehensive internet marketing strategy, small businesses can dramatically grow their customer base and boost conversions.